Core Market Growth


Tower Strategy helps market incumbents unlock stalled out growth. Or, in the case of declining revenue or profitability, to reinvigorate their corporations, operating divisions and brands. Using our proprietary Market-Advantage ™ framework, we are best-in-class at diagnosing the specific individual factors that drive share and profit performance in markets, our clients’ gaps relative to those drivers and the specific investments and tactics needed to overcome those performance gaps. Not just from a strategic perspective but also in terms of the structural and financial constraints hampering success. We do much more than provide a vision or strategy, we provide a clear operational roadmap for how to execute against that vision and strategy.


We are best-in-class at diagnosing the specific individual factors that drive share and profit performance in markets.

We’ve provided such services across the full range of our target industries. And while we focus on achieving long-term differentiation and advantage for our clients, we also recognize the need for immediate gains. Senior leadership teams and the Board are seldom patient when it comes to investment. As a result, we’re just as focused on “stroke of the pen,” quick-hit gain opportunities (e.g., realigned channel incentives) as we are on longer-term builds (e.g., NPD).

Questions We Help Answer:

  • How can we better manage the share-margin trade-off?
  • Why are we losing share in our core markets?
  • Where should our product enhancement efforts focus?
  • How do we better evangelize the channel and become a supplier of choice?
  • How much runway is left in our market and what can we do to reinvigorate it?

Our Core Market Growth Services Include:

  • Market and Customer Insights
  • Product and Service Optimization
  • Program Evaluation and Improvement
  • Channel Strategy and Expansion
  • New Segment Targeting
  • Pricing Analysis / Revenue Management
  • Sales and Marketing Optimization

“You guys are uniquely differentiated at defining the specific factors that drive success in our markets and how to act on those drivers.”

- Division President at a $6B Industrial and Technology Solutions Player