We match product, service and program innovation with market opportunity. Knowing that the most technologically competent product or sophisticated service doesn’t always win, we frame the capabilities your company can deliver in the context of what your customers want, the channel will support and investments your competitors are making. Substantially de-risking innovation investments, narrowing the focus of those efforts to only the most meaningful opportunities and improving our clients’ overall chances of success.


We allow our clients to peer deeply into and take advantage of emerging opportunities within their markets.

Leaning on the proven Real-Win-Worth It framework, combined with our 360-degree market due diligence capability, Tower Strategy rapidly screens innovation opportunities to help clients make “go” / “no-go” decisions. And, in cases where there is “go” decision, we then burrow down into the opportunity to develop a specific, detailed commercialization strategy that allows our clients to not only develop the product or service in question but to efficiently produce those products, secure the most advantaged sales and distribution platforms and drive usage and adoption across their target customer base.

Questions We Help Answer:
  • What unmet or underserved needs exist?
  • What is the basis of differentiation in this market?
  • Will the market window remain open through our NPD cycle?
  • What value chain gaps would we need to overcome to commercialize an innovation?
  • Will the channel accept and provide distribution for our new offering?
Our Core Innovation Services Include:
  • Market Assessment and Sizing
  • Customer Needs Assessment and Segmentation
  • Competitive Landscape Mapping
  • Product and Service Definition
  • Value Chain Development
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy

“You guys are uniquely differentiated at defining the specific factors that drive success in our markets and how to act on those drivers.”

- Division President at a $6B Industrial and Technology Solutions Player