International Expansion

Delivering Opportunities to Grow Your Global Footprint

Tower Strategy helps clients develop a deep understanding of the globalization opportunities available across both their commercial and operational footprints, how those markets are structured, the challenges and risks inherent in them and the specific business model, product / service, sales and marketing and operational innovation needed to tackle them. We understand that, to succeed at the local-market level, one must build strong connections back to the corporate center. And that, because of those interconnections, globalization strategies must take both corporate and local-market initiatives into account (e.g., brand innovation).


We help clients understand and pursue the globalization opportunities available to them.

Over the past decade, we have worked extensively with clients to tap into the market opportunity in over 60 countries. Mature, developing and truly frontier. With a lens not only towards which markets they should enter but also how to prioritize investments across their international portfolio, how to fund and service those markets and the implications on their global strategy (e.g., pricing and its impact on the gray market).

Questions We Help Answer:

  • Which international markets warrant entry?
  • Who are our prospective customers and how do we reach them?
  • How do customer needs differ and how do we need to adapt our existing portfolio?
  • Is the RTM mature enough to facilitate consumer access?
  • What risks should we be aware of and how do we best manage them?
  • What capabilities do we need and how best do we fund them?

Our Core International Expansion Services Include:

  • Opportunity ID and Scoping
  • Customer Needs Assessment and Segmentation
  • Market Assessment and Sizing
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Product and Service Innovation
  • Value Chain Development
  • Organizational Development