Lowering Risk and Driving Value Creation

Tower Strategy Group supports corporations and leading private equity firms across the M&A lifecycle. Starting upfront by scoping which markets and sectors to focus and by conducting commercial due diligence on specific deals. Built on the backbone of our 360-degree commercial due diligence capability, we allow our clients to peer deeply into the macroeconomic trends, competitive dynamics and customer needs shaping their target markets. A capability which vets and de-risks our clients’ investment thesis, so they are not only better equipped during the bid and valuation process but also better informed about where and how to drive value creation once an asset is in their portfolio.


We excel not only at creating value creation plans but at working shoulder-to-shoulder to drive execution against them.

Post-deal, we help build and execute value creation plans to drive commercial growth. Defining how newly acquired assets can better position their capabilities to tackle unmet and underserved market opportunities. And, to support that, how to reconfigure operations to not only capture efficiencies (from reduced overlap / redundancy) but to make certain those operations have the strength and sinew needed to execute on commercial strategy. We don’t just advise, we roll up our sleeves and facilitate commercial and operational execution against the value creation plan. Getting beyond the board room to driving tactical, meaningful change on the front lines.

Questions We Help Answer:

  • Which adjacent markets warrant entry?
  • Is the target’s management team realistic about its upside?
  • What steps are necessary to accelerate revenue growth?
  • What sources of redundancy exist and how are they best streamlined?
  • How do we integrate the operations and culture of our organizations?

Our Core M&A Services Include:

  • Opportunity ID and Scoping
  • Candidate ID
  • Commercial Due Diligence
  • Value Creation Plans
  • Growth and Innovation Strategy
  • Organizational Development
  • Performance Management
  • Cost Management