Strategic Planning

Helping Unify Vision and Drive Execution

Tower Strategy has worked extensively across the FORTUNE 500 and Private Equity portfolio companies to establish a clear vision for their organizations and to then cascade that vision down into multi-year goals, the strategies needed to achieve them and a progressive set of tactics to execute against those strategies. Typically delivering a 3-5 year Crawl-Walk-Run plan as the resulting operational roadmap, we provide clients with not only broad direction but also the specific actions needed to win in the next quarter and to create long-term resilience and advantage in their fast-changing markets.


We allow clients to connect vision and strategic intent to day-to-day execution.

Why? We understand no organization has the luxury to wait until next year for results. And short-term successes yield not only more immediate returns but often also serve as the foundation for the long-term. And that, with the pace of change our clients face, long-rage plans lacking an eye towards resilience based on anticipated structural changes in markets are destined to become outdated.

Questions We Help Answer:

  • What underserved market opportunities are available to my business?
  • How is my value chain evolving over the next 5 years and how do I stay relevant?
  • What level of budget and resourcing do we need to meet our goals?
  • How do we need to restructure our organization to support our vision and strategy?
  • Can we create clear, simple guidelines to keep mid-level management’s efforts and investments aligned with corporate goals?

Our Strategic Planning Services Include:

  • Visioning and corporate strategy development
  • Division and brand-level business planning
  • Business case development
  • Alternatives analysis and scenario planning
  • Strategy governance models
  • Organizational assessment

"Tower Strategy provided my team with unprecedented, deeply relevant strategic guidance as we moved into new markets. Their approach to meet our needs was collaborative, on point and realistic in meeting goals upon execution."

-Head of US Channel Strategy, Pfizer




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