Federal Agencies

Vision and strategy services to help Agencies deliver best-in-class service

Federal Agencies continue to face challenges in the form of pressure to do more with less while producing better outcomes for their constituents. Even in the face of a public that is wary of perceived government waste. While transformation and modernization efforts hold much promise, defining a clear path forward, implementing it and managing with an eye towards accountability can feel elusive.

Tower Strategy Group helps senior executives within the Federal Government across the full cycle of strategy development and implementation. From developing a compelling vision and strategy for Agencies, to optimizing service delivery around those agencies’ specific programs, we make certain Agencies are pointed in the right direction.

One level deeper, we help ensure that Agencies are structured appropriately to execute on that vision. By not only putting the right organizational structure and processes in place but also by making certain that Agency and Program performance is measurable and trackable, easily understood and that it can quickly be troubleshot.

Beyond simply advising Federal Executives on “what” they should do, we play a hands on role. Rolling up our sleeves to help build capacity within their teams, upskill their people and drive individual transformation and modernization efforts through to completion. With an eye towards managing change and culture in an environment where the rewards for success are low. And the penalties for failure are high and public. Said differently, our approach is based on best practices, in keeping with regulatory constraints and considerations and de-risked for Federal executives.

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