Life Sciences

Assessing Shifting Landscapes to Uncover New Opportunities

While it’s long overdue, Healthcare is becoming more patient-centric. And this poses a substantial challenge for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device players challenged with transforming a business model historically focused on Payers, Providers and the other Intermediaries (e.g., PBMs) standing between them and consumers. Challenged with moving beyond these traditional stakeholders, pharma and medical device companies must define how to create meaningful, lasting value with patients. All within a tightly regulated marketplace.

The Tower Strategy team has worked extensively across the legacy healthcare value chain to define how to create greater market access and pull through via revamped sales and marketing efforts, physician-centered value added programs and channel engagement. And, in terms of emerging trends, we have done substantial work in identifying and assessing how the landscape is shifting (e.g., role of AI in patient treatment), the opportunities available to our clients and the multi-year strategies necessary to capitalize on them. Not just to maintain relevance but to get out ahead of the competitive set.


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